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Relationship & Intimacy

“We live in the shelter of each other.” —— Celtic saying


Do you often feel anxious and insecure in your relationship? Or do you fear losing control and showing vulnerabilities, thus hiding your true self and creating distance from others? Are you troubled by relationship stress and don't know how to navigate?

Love helps us connect emotionally with others and provides us with a safe haven from which we can face life's ups and downs. We all have the instinct to love, but we often don't know how to express our emotional needs and become trapped in neverending conflicts. 

Love is a form of art. Building an intimate relationship is a constant process of learning, adjusting and growing. 

Psychotherapy can help you

  • Understand your relationship patterns

  • Explore, understand, and learn to express your emotional needs and respond to your partner's emotional needs

  • Understand the influence of family of origin on one's values and relationship patterns

  • Find a balance between connection and autonomy



If you'd like to schedule an appointment, or have any questions, please feel free to email me or use the link below to book.


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